At Solana, we are proud to be one of the leading real estate agents in Ibiza, specialising in the sale of flats in Ibiza. Our extensive portfolio of properties includes luxury villas, modern flats, authentic fincas and charming rustic houses. But today, we want to focus on our range of flats for sale.

4 bedroom apartment for sale in Ibiza

[:en]Modern apartment for sale in Ibiza. Fully renovated in modern minimalist style with high quality materials and very well equipped.[:fr]Appartement à vendre à Ibiza. Appartement très spacieux et complètement rénovée en style modern minimaliste avec matériaux et ´équipement d´haute qualité.[:es]Moderno apartamento en venta en Ibiza. Amplio apartamento totalmente reformado en estilo moderno minimalista y con acabados y equipamiento de primera calidad.[:de]Erdgeschosswohnung zum Verkauf auf Ibiza. Geräumige Wohnung komplett renoviert in einem modernen minimalistischen Stil und mit hochwertigen Oberflächen und Ausstattungen.[:]



Apartment for sale in Terrazas de Botafoch Ibiza. Fantastic apartment completely renovated with stunning panoramic view over the sea, the port, the Old Town and Formentera island.



Piso Av Santa Eulalia 020



Venda Des Coloms 029


[:en]Apartment for sale in La Marina Ibiza by Solana Ibiza Real Estate - properties for sale and rent in Ibiza[:fr]Appartement à vendre à La Marina Ibiza par Solana Ibiza Immobilier - propriétés à vendre et à louer à Ibiza[:es]Apartamento en venta en La Marina Ibiza de Inmobiliaria Solana Ibiza - propiedades en venta y alquiler en Ibiza[:de]Wohnung zum Verkauf in La Marina Ibiza von Solana Ibiza Real Estate - Immobilien zum Verkauf und zur Miete auf Ibiza[:]


[:en]Historic building hotel for sale in Ibiza[:fr]Hôtel bâtiment historique à vendre à Ibiza[:es]Hotel edificio histórico en venta en Ibiza[:de]Hotel in historischem Gebäude auf Ibiza zu verkaufen[:]


[:en]2 bedroom apartment in Miramar Ibiza, totally renovated in contemporary style with high quality materials and modern equipment.[:fr]Appartement de 2 chambres à Miramar Ibiza. Appartement entièrement rénové dans un style contemporain avec des matériaux et des équipements de haute qualité, situé au premier étage du célèbre bâtiment Miramar[:es]Apartamento de 2 habitaciones en Miramar Ibiza. Apartamento totalmente renovado en estilo contemporáneo con materiales y equipamiento de gran calidad, situado en la primera planta del conocido edificio Miramar en primera línea del Paseo Marítimo.[:de]2-Zimmer-Wohnung in Miramar Ibiza.[:]

Why buy a flat in Ibiza?

Ibiza is more than a holiday destination, it’s a way of life. With its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and multicultural richness, it’s no wonder so many people choose to call this island home. Buying a flat in Ibiza allows you to immerse yourself in this unique lifestyle. What’s more, Ibiza offers an excellent quality of life, with a wealth of outdoor activities, a vibrant cultural scene and a friendly and welcoming community.

Our Apartments for Sale in Ibiza

Our flats for sale in Ibiza meet high standards of quality and value. We ensure that all properties meet the legality and documentation requirements that your investment deserves. Whether you are looking for a second home near the sea or a permanent home in a residential area, we have the property you dream of.

What’s more, our property portfolio is diverse, with options to suit a variety of lifestyles and budgets. From compact and efficient flats in the heart of the city to spacious family flats with sea views, there is something for everyone in our selection.

Personalised Service

At Solana, we pride ourselves on offering a personalised service to each of our clients. We accompany you through every step of the buying process, from the initial search to the completion of the sale. Our aim is to make the purchase of your flat in Ibiza as simple and stress-free as possible.

In addition, our team of experts is always available to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you have questions about the buying process, need help understanding local legislation or simply want to know more about living in Ibiza, we are here to help.

Living in Ibiza

Living in Ibiza is more than just sun and fun. The island offers a great quality of life, amazing inland nature, a wide range of artistic creativity and a welcoming, diverse and tolerant multicultural community. From our blog, we want to provide useful tips and guides about local life in Ibiza.

Ibiza is also a place where you can enjoy a balanced life. Although the island is famous for its vibrant nightlife, it also offers tranquillity and peace on its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes. Whether you like adventure or prefer tranquillity, Ibiza has something to offer.

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If you are interested in selling flats in Ibiza, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to help you find your ideal home on this beautiful island. Whether you are looking for a home for yourself or an investment, we can help you find the perfect property in Ibiza.


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