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I’ve been running my own business for 22 years now. That’s 22 years of making my clients’ dreams reality by finding the best property for them or selling a property that they’ve invested so much effort and love into.

Managing a company like Solana Gestión Inmobiliaria / Real Estate means working on myriad levels: from looking for new properties to consider to finalising details so that clients feel at ease and in good hands at every step of every transaction.

Besides the skills expected of my position, such as expert knowledge of urban planning legislation and tax issues and good command of five languages, enabling me to do business with clients from all over the globe, I am approachable and great at solving problems because I strongly believe that there’s always a way.

This skill set – which I have endeavoured to set as a standard for our company – has organically shaped our reputation. On the island, we are a benchmark for our seriousness, know-how and openness. We are synonymous with reliable, objective information and that’s our greatest achievement.

Our clients know they can trust us and they recommend us without hesitation. Many even end up becoming friends with the passing of the years. This is my objective as a professional: I want my clients to see me as someone who is fully committed to solving their problems, either by my own means or by smartly delegating.









I treat every client as if they were the only one in my portfolio and I am always there for them until long after the post-sales.

My experience in the real estate sector and as an Operations Manager in London, Leeds and Manchester taught me that being patient and open and never leaving any loose ends is what makes me feel comfortable in my client relationships and make clients feel like they are in safe hands.

But it’s not all about work experience. Academically, I have a degree in Business Management from an English university and have studied Business and Marketing in Madrid. I am currently finishing my studies to be a registered estate agent.

My greatest ambition is to feel fulfilled in my career. My services are always bespoke so none of my clients ever feel like they are merely part of a transaction. That’s why I always strive to do my utmost no matter how small the task. In my opinion, this attitude is our company’s praxis, which is why we excel beyond our competitors and our clients recommend us.

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