You can find us here: Vía Romana nº 17 bajos, 07800, Ibiza Town

More than three decades ago, in 1989, we opened our doors in a small office in Marina Botafoch. It was a humble beginning, but our dedication and commitment led us to share dreams, build homes, and help create life stories in that initial location for 33 years.

However, as life itself, paths change and directions evolve. On September 1, 2022, we made a decision that filled us with uncertainty and excitement: we moved to the heart of the city.

Today, we celebrate our first anniversary in this new chapter, and we want to share with you what this year has meant to us.
The change was challenging, leaving behind three decades of memories and a place that had become more than just an office but a meeting point with clients and friends. But here we are, in this new spacious office bathed in natural light that inspires us and fills us with energy every day.

Sometimes, making tough decisions leads us to unexpectedly beautiful places. Thank you for being a part of our history and for accompanying us on this journey.

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