About Solana

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Inmobiliaria Ibiza, Solana Ibiza, Ibiza Real Estate, villas en Ibiza, Ibiza properties
Inmobiliaria Ibiza, Solana Ibiza, villas en Ibiza, Ibiza properties

Initially founded by Nhu Bang Vanoprée in 1989, SOLANA IBIZA Real Estate is widely recognized as one of the first agencies on the island that has continuously offered its services and experience to clients of different nationalities throughout all these years.

In addition to our professional and honest approach, we are proud of our work philosophy based on a personal and close treatment which has led some clients to qualify us as a “boutique agency” with great satisfaction on our part. Thanks to all of them!

Whether you want to sell or acquire a property, our years of work, great experience and extensive knowledge of the island and its legal and technical particularities, we assure you professional and honest advice, accompanying you throughout the process and introducing you to the most recognized professionals in any field.

We are an independent company that works in collaboration with other local and international agencies which allows us to present a great diversity of products and make sure we get the one that is closest to the property of your dreams.

SOLANA IBIZA Real Estate is part of PIMEEF, the association of companies and businesses on the island, in addition to the Association of Realtors of Ibiza and the Association of Tourist Housing of the island.